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Publicly Available Published by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag September 8, 2011

Comparison of IUPAC k0 values and neutron cross sections to determine a self-consistent set of data for neutron activation analysis

  • R. B. Firestone and Zs. Révay


Independent databases of nuclear constants for Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) have been independently maintained by the physics and chemistry communities for many year. They contain thermal neturon cross sections σ0, standardization values k0, and transition probabilities Pγ. Chemistry databases tend to rely upon direct measurements of the nuclear constants k0 and Pγ which are often published in chemistry journals while the physics databases typically include evaluated σ0 and Pγ data from a variety of experiments published mainly in physics journals. The IAEA/LBNL Evaluated Gamma-ray Activation File (EGAF) also contains prompt and delayed γ-ray cross sections σγ from Prompt Gamma-ray Activation Analysis (PGAA) measurements that can also be used to determine k0 and σ0 values. As a result several independent databases of fundamental constants for NAA have evolved containing slightly different and sometimes discrepant results. An IAEA CRP for a Reference Database for Neutron Activation Analysis was established to compare these databases and investigate the possibilitiy of producing a self-consistent set of σ0, k0, σγ, and Pγ values for NAA and other applications. Preliminary results of this IAEA CRP comparison are given in this paper.

Published Online: 2011-09-08
Published in Print: 2011-09-01

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