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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (A) March 9, 2011

Serbian-Type Features in the Curzon Gospel

Cynthia M. Vakareliyska


The article identifies orthographic, lexical and textual Serbisms in the western Bulgarian Curzon Gospel (c. 1354) and proposes three plasts of Serbian influence on the manuscript: Serbian-type spellings of specific words traceable to the hypothetical common ancestor for the Curzon Gospel and its two close relatives, the western Bulgarian Dobrejšo and Banica gospels; sporadic Serbian orthographic and lexical features, and textual parallels with Serbian long lectionary gospels, in the Curzon Gospel’s independent first half of Matthew; and sporadic Serbian-type orthographic features, and hypercorrections of perceived Serbian spellings found in the Curzon Gospel alone that were transmitted from its immediate antigraph.

Published Online: 2011-03-09
Published in Print: 2011-03

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