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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) August 25, 2010

Intermediates in thermal decomposition of nickel(II) complexes: The crystal structures of Ni(SCN)2(NH3)2 and Ni(SCN)2


Ni(SCN)2(NH3)2 and Ni(SCN)2 are stable intermediates in the course of the thermal decomposition reaction Ni(SCN)2(NH3)4 → NiS2. Ni(SCN)2(NH3)2 crystallizes in the monoclinic space group C2/m with a = 8.698(5), b = 7.991(4), c = 5.619(3) Å, β = 105.91(9)°, Z = 2, Dx = 1.85g cm−3. The crystal data for Ni(SCN)2 are: space group C2/m, a = 10.476(7), b = 3.628(2), c = 6.165(5) Å, β = 106.89(9)°, Z = 2, DX = 2.59g cm−3. The structures were determined from X-ray intensities measured on a four-circle diffractometer and were refined to Rw = 0.016 for 524 independent observed reflections [Ni(SCN)2(NH3)2] and to Rw = 0.037 for 611 independent observed reflections [Ni(SCN)2]. Ni(SCN)2(NH3)2 exhibits a structure with infinite [unk] chains along [001]. The resulting approximate square planar coordination of nickel by two S and two N atoms is completed to a distorted octahedron by two NH3 ligands. The infinite chains [unk] are preserved in Ni(SCN)2 in the course of the thermal decomposition of Ni(SCN)2(NH3)2. By additional linking of neighbouring chains through [unk] bridges a layer structure (001) results for Ni(SCN)2.

Published Online: 2010-08-25
Published in Print: 1982
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