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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) August 25, 2010

Crystal structure of N-benzyl-2,4,6-triphenyl pyridinium boron tetrafluoride


Crystals of N-benzyl-2,4,6-triphenyl pyridinium boron tetrafluoride C30H24BF4N belong to the monoclinic system, P21/C, with cell dimensions a = 9.633(2), b = 14.884(2), c = 17.166(2) and β = 93.5(2)°. The structure was solved by direct methods using the program SHELX. The refinement using block diagonal least squares led to R = 0.13. Further cycles of anisotropic refinement including the hydrogen atoms in their geometrically assigned positions improved the reliability factor to R = 0.07. Torsion angles were calculated and rings A, B, C, D and E showed to be planar within experimental errors.

Published Online: 2010-8-25
Published in Print: 1989-2-1

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