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Double wollastonite chains: topological/conformational varieties, polytypic forms, isotypic compounds

Stefano Merlino and Elena Bonaccorsi

Double wollastonite chains may occur in natural and synthetic compounds with various degrees of condensation, depending on the number of oxygen atoms shared between the two connected wollastonite chains: three (elpidite, epididymite), two (okenite), and one (xonotlite, clinotobermorite, tobermorite 11 Å and synthetic analogues). The less condensed double chains may display different conformations and shapes.The one-dimensional disorder and the polytypic features displayed by several compounds of this structural group are described and discussed on the basis of the OD theory, and new possible structure types are modeled.The interesting isotypic relationships between tobermorite 11 Å and novel microporous sodium lanthanide and sodium bismuth silicates are illustrated.

Received: 2007-April-10
Accepted: 2007-June-18
Published Online: 2009-9-25
Published in Print: 2008-2-1

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