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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) August 4, 2010

Indium-doped gallophosphate NH4[NiGa1.84In0.16(PO4)3(H2O)2]: synthesis, X-ray crystal structure and IR spectroscopy

  • Francesco Capitelli , Annalisa Masi , Brahim El Bali and Rachid Essehli
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NH4[NiGa1.84In0.16(PO4)3(H2O)2] orthophos phate was prepared through hydrothermal synthesis and analyzed by means of single crystal X-ray diffractometry. It was solved within C2/c monoclinic space group; a = 13.2483(8) Å, b = 10.2468(8) Å, c = 8.9033(7) Å, β = 108.637(1)°, V = 1145.27(15) Å3. Phosphorous atoms display tetrahedral arrangement, occupying two distinct sites; Ni atoms form NiO4(OH2)2 distorted octahedra, while Ga and In atoms share the same site forming (Ga,In)O5 units with trigonal bipyramidal geometry. (Ga,In)O5, NiO4(OH2)2 and PO4 units are linked together through edge- and vertex-sharing arrangements, making up the three-dimensional framework, completed by (NH4)+ counter-ions. Strong O—H…O and N—H…O hydrogen bonds contribute to stabilize the array: O—H…O interactions were also investigated by means of Libowitzky formula (Libowitzky, 1999) application, owing to the results of IR spectroscopy.

* Correspondence address: CNR - Institute of Crystallography (IC), c/o Dipartimento Geomineralogico, Via Amendola 122/o, 70126 Bari, Italien,

Published Online: 2010-08-04
Published in Print: 2010-09

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