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Study of ternary complex Al—Mg—Ag intermetallides using Precession Electron Diffraction

Shmuel Samuha, V. Uvarov and Louisa Meshi
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Three ternary intermetallic phases were revealed in Mg-20 at%Al—20 at%Ag alloy: Mg59Al34Ag7 (body-centered cubic, a = 10.2 Å, probably isotypical to Mg17Al12 phase); Mg62Al11Ag27 (body centered cubic, a = 14.5 Å) and new Mg19Al13Ag6 compound. The geometry and the symmetry of the unit cell of these phases were investigated by electron diffraction methods. It was found that the structure of the new Mg19Al13Ag6 phase belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system with lattice parameters of a = 8.87, b = 16.48 and c = 19.48 Å. The space group was evaluated by Precession Electron Diffraction technique in “descan-off” mode as Pbcm (No. 57).

* Correspondence address: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Ilse Katz Institute for Nanoscale Science, and Technology, 84105 Beer Sheva, Israel,

Published Online: 2013-01-11
Published in Print: 2013-01

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