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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter (O) September 25, 2009

Absorption spectra of calcium tartaric and cadmium oxalate crystals, grown in gel and doped by chromium, cobalt and nickel

K. Popov


This article is devoted to the insertion of admixture atoms to crystals during growth in gel and their influence on the optical properties of the obtained crystals. The crystals of tetra-hydrate calcium tartaric (CaC4H4O6·4H2O) and trihydrate cadmium oxalate (CdC2O4·3H2O) [1,2] were grown in silica-gel and doped during this process by chromium, cobalt and nickel atoms. This procedure causes changes of the optical properties of the crystals, in particular changes of the color. The extinction of the obtained crystals measured by us provides a quantitative description of this evolution.

Published Online: 2009-9-25
Published in Print: 2001-6-1

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