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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 20, 2019

The quench control of water estimates in convergent margin magmas

Maxim Gavrilenko, Michael Krawczynski, Philipp Ruprecht, Wenlu Li and Jeffrey G. Catalano
From the journal American Mineralogist


Here we present a study on the quenchability of hydrous mafic melts. We show via hydrothermal experiments that the ability to quench a mafic hydrous melt to a homogeneous glass at cooling rates relevant to natural samples has a limit of no more than 9 ± 1 wt% of dissolved H2O in the melt. We performed supra-liquidus experiments on a mafic starting composition at 1–1.5 GPa spanning H2O-undersaturated to H2O-saturated conditions (from ~1 to ~21 wt%). After dissolving H2O and equilibrating, the hydrous mafic melt experiments were quenched. Quenching rates of 20 to 90 K/s at the glass transition temperature were achieved, and some experiments were allowed to decompress from thermal contraction while others were held at an isobaric condition during quench. We found that quenching of a hydrous melt to a homogeneous glass at quench rates comparable to natural conditions is possible at water contents up to 6 wt%. Melts containing 6–9 wt% of H2O are partially quenched to a glass, and always contain significant fractions of quench crystals and glass alteration/devitrification products. Experiments with water contents greater than 9 wt% have no optically clear glass after quench and result in fine-grained mixtures of alteration/devitrification products (minerals and amorphous materials). Our limit of 9 ± 1 wt% agrees well with the maximum of dissolved H2O contents found in natural glassy melt inclusions (8.5 wt% H2O). Other techniques for estimating pre-eruptive dissolved H2O content using petrologic and geochemical modeling have been used to argue that some arc magmas are as hydrous as 16 wt% H2O. Thus, our results raise the question of whether the observed record of glassy melt inclusions has an upper limit that is partially controlled by the quenching process. This potentially leads to underestimating the maximum amount of H2O recycled at arcs when results from glassy melt inclusions are predominantly used to estimate water fluxes from the mantle.


We thank Paul Carpenter for invaluable assistance with EPMA analyses at Washington University in St. Louis. Additionally we are grateful to Tatiana Shishkina for thorough discussion and to Hélène Couvy for her comprehensive assistance in lab work. We thank Terry Plank for providing secondary SIMS standards ND-6001 and ND70-01. Maxim Portnyagin, Glenn Gaetani, Adam Kent, Thomas Sisson, and Michel Pichavant are sincerely thanked for providing insightful comments and criticism that helped us to rethink some of our ideas and sharpened the discussion of the paper. Constructive reviews from Matthew Steele-MacInnis, Michael Rowe, and one anonymous reviewer improved the clarity of our arguments and data presentation. We thank Kyle Ashley for his editorial handling of the manuscript.

  1. Funding M.G. acknowledges support from McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences. M.K. acknowledges support from U.S. National Science Foundation grant EAR 1654683. P.R. acknowledges support from U. S. National Science Foundation grant EAR 1719687. J.G.C. acknowledges support from U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration grant NNX14AJ95G.

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