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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 20, 2019

A low-aluminum clinopyroxene-liquid geothermometer for high-silica magmatic systems

Karalee K. Brugman and Christy B. Till
From the journal American Mineralogist


Several geothermobarometric tools have focused on clinopyroxene due to its prevalence in igneous rocks, however clinopyroxene produced in high-silica igneous systems is high in iron and low in aluminum, causing existing geothermometers that depend on aluminum exchange to fail or yield overestimated temperatures. Here we present a new clinopyroxene-liquid geothermometer recommended for use in natural igneous systems with bulk SiO2 ≥ 70 wt%, which contain clinopyroxene with Mg# ≤ 65 and Al2O3 ≤ 7 wt%.


The new geothermometer lowers calculated temperatures by ~85 °C on average relative to Putirka (2008, Eq. 33) and reduces the uncertainty by a factor of two (standard error of estimate ±20 °C). When applied to natural systems, we find this new clinopyroxene-liquid geothermometer reconciles many inconsistencies between experimental phase equilibria and preexisting geothermometry results for silicic volcanism, including those from the Bishop Tuff and Yellowstone caldera-forming and post-caldera rhyolites. We also demonstrate that clinopyroxene is not restricted to near-liquidus temperatures in rhyolitic systems; clinopyroxene can be stable over a broad temperature range, often down to the solidus. An Excel spreadsheet and Python notebook for calculating temperature with this new geothermometer may be downloaded from GitHub at

  1. Funding

    This work was supported by the National Park Services research permit YELL-2015-SCI-6078 and by the U.S. National Science Foundation under Graduate Research Fellowship no. 026257-001 to K.K.B. and CAREER EAR-1654584 to C.B.T. The EPMA facilities at ASU are in part supported by the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure grant ECCS-1542160. Thank you to Julia Hammer and David Neave whose reviews helped to improve this manuscript.


Special thanks to Tim Grove for the use of the experimental petrology lab at MIT, and to Wes Hildreth for sharing his unpublished probe data. Additional thanks to Axel Wittmann, Kayla Iacovino, Jessica Noviello, Crystylynda Fudge, and the EPIC group at ASU. Great appreciation to Keith Putirka whose thoughtful questions and insights have helped guide this research.

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