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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 29, 2020

Mineral compositions and thermobarometry of basalts and boninites recovered during IODP Expedition 352 to the Bonin forearc

  • Scott A. Whattam EMAIL logo , John W. Shervais , Mark K. Reagan , Daniel A. Coulthard , Julian A. Pearce , Peter Jones , Jieun Seo , Keith Putirka , Timothy Chapman , Daniel Heaton , Hongyan Li , Wendy R. Nelson , Kenji Shimizu and Robert J. Stern
From the journal American Mineralogist


Central aims of IODP Expedition 352 were to delineate and characterize the magmatic stratigraphy in the Bonin forearc to define key magmatic processes associated with subduction initiation and their potential links to ophiolites. Expedition 352 penetrated 1.2 km of magmatic basement at four sites and recovered three principal lithologies: tholeiitic forearc basalt (FAB), high-Mg andesite, and boninite, with subordinate andesite. Boninites are subdivided into basaltic, low-Si, and high-Si varieties. The purpose of this study is to determine conditions of crystal growth and differentiation for Expedition 352 lavas and compare and contrast these conditions with those recorded in lavas from mid-ocean ridges, forearcs, and ophiolites. Cr# (cationic Cr/Cr+Al) vs. TiO2 relations in spinel and clinopyroxene demonstrate a trend of source depletion with time for the Expedition 352 forearc basalt to boninite sequence that is similar to sequences in the Oman and other suprasubduction zone ophiolites. Clinopyroxene thermobarometry results indicate that FAB crystallized at temperatures (1142–1190 °C) within the range of MORB (1133–1240 °C). When taking into consideration liquid lines of descent of boninite, orthopyroxene barometry and olivine thermometry of Expedition 352 boninites demonstrate that they crystallized at temperatures marginally lower than those of FAB, between ~1119 and ~1202 °C and at relatively lower pressure (~0.2–0.4 vs. 0.5–4.6 kbar for FAB). Elevated temperatures of boninite orthopyroxene (~1214 °C for low-Si boninite and 1231–1264 °C for high-Si boninite) may suggest latent heat produced by the rapid crystallization of orthopyroxene. The lower pressure of crystallization of the boninite may be explained by their lower density and hence higher ascent rate, and shorter distance of travel from place of magma formation to site of crystallization, which allowed the more buoyant and faster ascending boninites to rise to shallower levels before crystallizing, thus preserving their high temperatures.

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Funding statement: S.A.W. acknowledges support from the Korea International Ocean Discovery Program (K-IODP) funded by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea. We also acknowledge support from NSF award OCE-1558689 (JWS) and OCE-1558688 (MKR). J.S. acknowledges support by the Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education (2016R1D1A3B03931481). T.C. acknowledges the Australia-New Zealand IODP consortium (ANZIC), which enabled participation on Exp. 352 and post-expedition funding via the support of government agencies and universities together with the ARC LIEF scheme (LE140100047). H.L. acknowledges support from the National Program on Global Change and Air-Sea Interaction (GASI-GEOGE-02).


This research used samples and data provided by the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP). We thank the crew and scientific staff onboard Expedition 352, particularly Katarina Petronotis, for their excellent work. S.A.W. thanks T. Ishikawa for sharing compositional data of Semail ophiolite boninite minerals. We thank numerous anonymous reviewers whose suggestions greatly improved the manuscript.

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