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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 24, 2021

Priscillagrewite-(Y), (Ca2Y)Zr2Al3O12: A new garnet of the bitikleite group from the Daba-Siwaqa area, the Hatrurim Complex, Jordan

  • Irina Galuskina EMAIL logo , Evgeny Galuskin , Yevgeny Vapnik , Grzegorz Zeliński and Krystian Prusik
From the journal American Mineralogist


Priscillagrewite-(Y), ideally (Ca2Y)Zr2Al3O12 (Ia3̅̅d, a = 12.50 Å, V = 1953.13 Å3, Z = 8), a new member of the garnet supergroup and bitikleite group, was discovered in a fluorapatite layer (meta-phosphorite) hosted by varicolored spurrite marble in the Daba- Siwaqa area of the Transjordan plateau south of Amman, central Jordan. The Daba-Siwaqa area is the largest field of the Hatrurim Complex pyrometamorphic rocks distributed along the rift of the Dead Sea. Priscillagrewite-(Y) and other accessory minerals (such as members of the brownmillerite- srebrodolskite series, fluormayenite, lakargiite, baghdadite, hematite, sphalerite, zincite, garnet of the andradite-grossular series, tululite, vapnikite, minerals of the lime-monteponite series and members of the magnesiochromite-zincochromite series, cuprite, and Y-bearing and Y-free perovskite) are distributed irregularly in varicolored spurrite marble. The empirical formula of priscillagrewite-(Y), based on 12 O atoms, is Ca2.19Y0.65Ce0.033+Nd0.033+Gdd0.023+Dy0.023+Er0.023+Yb0.023+La0.013+Sm0.013++Σ3.00Zr1.79Ti0.134+Sb0.075+U0.016+Σ2.00Al1.70Fe1.213+Si0.04P0.04S+Σ2.99O12. A good match was obtained for electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) patterns with a garnet model having a = 12.50 Å. The new garnet forms idiomorphic, isometric crystals up to 15 μm in size. It is transparent and has pale yellowish tinge, and its luster is vitreous. Priscillagrewite-(Y) is isotropic: n = 1.96 based on the Gladstone-Dale calculation using a = 12.50 Å and the empirical formula. The Mohs hardness is about 7–7.5. Density calculated from the empirical formula is 4.48 g/cm3. Raman spectrum of priscillagrewite-(Y) is similar to those of other minerals of the bitikleite group and contains the following bands (cm–1): 150, 163, 240, 269, 289, 328, 496, 508, 726, and 785. The strongest lines of the calculated powder diffraction data are as follows [(hkl) dhkl (I)]: (422) 2.552 (100), (642) 1.670 (96), (420) 2.795 (84), (400) 3.125 (72), (200) 4.419 (35), (640) 1.733 (32), and (1042) 1.141 (25). Priscillagrewite-(Y) is interpreted to be a relic of the high-temperature association formed in the progressive stage at the peak pyrometamorphism conditions when temperature could have reached close to 1000 °C.

Acknowledgments and Funding

We thank reviewers Andrew Locock and Thomas Armbruster for their valuable comments and suggestions. Investigations were partially supported by the National Science Centre of Poland Grant No. 2016/23/B/ST10/00869.

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