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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 2, 2015

Bitikleite-(SnAl) and bitikleite-(ZrFe): New garnets from xenoliths of the Upper Chegem volcanic structure, Kabardino-Balkaria, Northern Caucasus, Russia

Irina O. Galuskina, Evgeny V. Galuskin, Thomas Armbruster, Biljana Lazic, Piotr Dzierżanowski, Viktor M. Gazeev, Krystian Prusik, Nikolai N. Pertsev, Antoni Winiarski, Aleksandr E. Zadov, Roman Wrzalik and Anatoly G. Gurbanov
From the journal American Mineralogist


Two new antimonian garnets-bitikleite-(SnAl) Ca3SbSnAl3O12 and bitikleite-(ZrFe) Ca3SbZrFe3O12-have been found as accessory minerals in the cuspidine zone of high-temperature skarns in a carbonate-silicate xenolith at the contact with ignimbrites within the Upper Chegem structure in the Northern Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. The bitikleite series forms a solid solution with garnets of the kimzeyite-schorlomite and toturite type. Antimony-garnets form crystals up to 50 μm across containing kimzeyite cores and thin subsequent zones of complex lakargiite-tazheranitekimzeyite pseudomorphs after zircon. Bitikleite-(SnAl) has a = 12.5240(2) Å, V = 1964.40(3) Å3 and bitikleite-(ZrFe) has a = 12.49 Å, V = 1948.4 Å3 (Ia3d, Z = 8). The strongest powder diffraction lines of bitikleite-(SnAl) are [d, Å (hkl)]: 4.407 (220), 3.118 (440), 2.789 (420), 2.546 (422), 1.973 (620), 1.732 (640), 1.668 (642), and 1.396 (840). The strongest calculated powder diffraction lines of bitikleite-(ZrFe) are [d, Å (hkl)]: 4.416 (220), 3.123 (440), 2.793 (420), 2.550 (422), 1.975 (620), 1.732 (640), 1.669 (642), and 1.396 (840). The Raman spectra of bitikleite garnets are similar to the spectra of kimzeyite and toturite. Larnite, rondorfite, wadalite, magnesioferrite, tazheranite, lakargiite, kimzeyite, and toturite associated with bitikleite garnets are typical of high-temperature (>800 °C) formation

Received: 2009-11-8
Accepted: 2010-2-21
Published Online: 2015-4-2
Published in Print: 2010-7-1

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