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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter November 30, 2007

Catalyst-Adsorbent Configurations in Enhancing Adsorptive Reactor Performance

Saleh Rawadieh and Vincent G Gomes

Fixed-bed columns containing solid catalysts and adsorbents were employed for simultaneous reaction and separation. The models developed for propene metathesis were validated with experimental data for configurations with and without the effect of pressure swing reaction. The models for the mass and momentum transfer in the catalyst bed and adsorber were solved using orthogonal collocation within the method of lines. The reactor/separator performances were tested for beds with varying numbers of layers of catalysts and adsorbents which were arranged sequentially. The pressure reaction columns behaved as reactor/separators in series. As the number of layers increased, a homogeneous distribution of the catalyst and adsorbent was approached in the limit. These configurations with variable catalyst/adsorbent distributions were investigated for propene metathesis reaction, in terms of product purity, selectivity, conversion, recovery, yield and productivity. Improved reactor performance was observed with a pressure swing separation system and in particular with close to well-mixed reactor/separator configurations.

Published Online: 2007-11-30

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