Accessible Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 1, 2010

Liquid-Phase Esterification of Methacrylic Acid with Methanol Catalyzed by Heteropolyacid

Teresa Witczak, Miroslaw Grzesik, Jerzy Skrzypek and Mariusz Witczak

The esterification kinetics of methacrylic acid with methanol in the presence of H3PW12O40 or H3MoW12O40 as a catalyst was studied with isothermal batch experimental. The catalyst concentration was varied between 14.4 and 57.7 mol/m3. The experiences were carried out at temperatures from 316 to 333 K and initial molar ratios of the reactants from 3 to 10. The non-ideality of the liquid phase was accounted for by using activities instead of molar. The activity coefficients were determined using the UNIFAC method. The kinetic equations developed had a non-elementary form, and the order of the reaction was a fraction.

Published Online: 2010-4-1

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