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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 1, 2010

Orchis anatolica Root Ingestion Improves Sexual Motivation and Performance in Male Rats

  • Mohammed Zohair Allouh , Nabil A Khouri , Haytham M Daradka and Ezidin G Kaddumi

Orchis anatolica Boiss. is a plant species that grows in the Mediterranean region and assumed to have an aphrodisiac property. This study investigates the effects of ingestion of dried O. anatolica root on the sexual behavior and weights of reproductive organs in adult male rats. Sexually active male rats were divided into two groups (control and experimental). O. anatolica root powder was orally administered to the experimental group in a daily dose of 1g/kg for thirty days. The sexual behavior was then monitored and compared between O. anatolica treated rats and control rats. Weights of reproductive organs and testosterone serum levels were, also, measured for both treated and control rats. O. anatolica root ingestion significantly reduced the mount, intromission, and ejaculation latencies. Also, a significant increase in the copulatory efficacy was reported. Weights of reproductive organs and testosterone serum levels were significantly increased in O. anatolica treated rats compared to controls. The present study concludes that continuous ingestion of O. anatolica root over a period of thirty days can improve the sexual motivation and performance in adult male rats. This effect can be ascribed to increased testosterone level.

Published Online: 2010-10-1

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