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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter August 2, 2011

Application of High-Voltage Electrostatic Equipment to Ethylene Removal

  • Li Weiqing , Wang Jie , Sun Jianfeng and Li Weishuo

Ethylene is hazardous to the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. To extend shelf life, the accumulation of ethylene should be prevented. High-voltage electrostatic fields have been found to contribute to the removal of ethylene. To develop high-voltage electrostatic equipment for a storage room, the effects of electrode shape, initial ethylene concentration (IEC), and electrode voltage (EV) on high-voltage electrostatic equipment performance were studied. The ethylene removal rate of the needle–needle electrode was significantly higher than that of the needle–plate electrode. When the EV was -17 KV and the IEC was 200 ppm, ethylene in the gases of the exit-tube could not be detected after 3–5 s. A mathematical model for the removal efficiency, IEC, and EV was established. The results can contribute to the development of an ethylene cleaner for storage rooms for fresh fruits and vegetables in commercial establishments.

Published Online: 2011-8-2

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