Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter October 1, 2001

EVIM: A Software Package for Extreme Value Analysis in MATLAB

Ramazan Gençay, Faruk Selçuk and Abdurrahman Ulugülyagci

From the practitioners' point of view, one of the most interesting questions that tail studies can answer is what are the extreme movements that can be expected in financial markets? Have we already seen the largest ones or are we going to experience even larger movements? Are there theoretical processes that can model the type of fat tails that come out of our empirical analysis? Answers to such questions are essential for sound risk management of financial exposures. It turns out that we can answer these questions within the framework of the extreme value theory. This paper provides a step-by-step guideline for extreme value analysis in the MATLAB environment with several examples.

Published Online: 2001-10-1

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