Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 3, 2011

Never Too Late to Win

Adam M Gold

Sports fans can be freed from cheering against their favorite team for a draft pick. Draft orders based on how teams perform after becoming mathematically eliminated from playoff contention trigger highly competitive atmospheres that inspire fans with passion and optimism. The worst teams receive the handicap of playing more games to earn the top draft pick. Using the reverse standings to determine draft order creates the distressing paradox where success and failure become synonymous. Each fan’s right to cheer for their favorite team, from the first game to the last, is more important than the attempt to list teams from the worst to best. Advanced mathematical formulas and rigorous computer algorithms create the demand for professional sports franchises to make the pursuit of winning unlimited. After presenting on October 16, 2010, performance among eliminated teams dropped by 34.32 percent, and the St. Louis Blues are awarded the first overall draft pick.

Published Online: 2011-5-3

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