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Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access October 30, 2013

Overview of the Catalytic Production of Isoprene from different raw materials; Prospects of Isoprene production from bio-ethanol.

  • G.O. Ezinkwo EMAIL logo , V.F. Tretjakov , R.M. Talyshinky , A.M. Ilolov and T.A. Mutombo


Isoprene is a valuable monomer for the rubber and most chemical industries. The five carbon monomer is used to make synthetic latex similar to the natural and it is becoming a monomer of choice because of the possibility to manipulate its properties. The rapid development of synthetic rubber is a result of the huge demand for this material. Currently, SR is used practically in all spheres of industry and national economy with its global production exceeding 1.3 million tons per year In this paper, various methods for its production and their shortfalls were studied; the prospect for isoprene production from bio-ethanol was also highlighted.


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Received: 2013-7-30
Accepted: 2013-09-25
Published Online: 2013-10-30

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