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BY-NC-ND 3.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access November 29, 2012

In vitro surface biocompatibility of high-content silicon-substituted calcium phosphate ceramics

Nasser Mostafa EMAIL logo , Abdallah Shaltout , Lachezar Radev and Hassan Hassan
From the journal Open Chemistry


The present work investigates surface biocompatibility of silicon-substituted calcium phosphate ceramics. Different silicon-substituted calcium phosphate ceramic bodies were prepared from co-precipitated powders by sintering at 1300°C. The in vitro bioactivity of the ceramics was assessed in simulated body fluid (SBF) at 37°C for periods up to 4 weeks. The changes in the surface morphology and composition were determined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) coupled with electron probe microanalysis and energy dispersive spectrometer (EDX). Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) was used to observe the change in ionic concentration of SBF after removal of the samples. The bioactivity of the ceramics increased with an increasing silicate ion substitution in a systematic way. The surface of ceramics with 2.23% silicon substitution was partially covered with apatite layer after one week, while ceramics with 8.1% silicon substitution were completely covered with apatite in the first week. The porous microstructure of high-concentration Si-substituted ceramics helps the dissolution of surface ions and the leaching process. This allows SBF to reach supersaturation in a short time and accelerate the deposition of apatite layer.

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Published Online: 2012-11-29
Published in Print: 2013-2-1

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