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BY-NC-ND 3.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Open Access July 19, 2013

Changes of organic acids and phenolic compounds contents in grapevine berries during their ripening

  • Irena Jančářová EMAIL logo , Luděk Jančář , Alice Náplavová and Vlastimil Kubáň
From the journal Open Chemistry


Changes of total content of phenolic substances, alteration in total titratable acidity and differences in tartaric acid content in grapes of four white (Müller-Thurgau — MT, Pinot Blanc — Rulandské bílé in Czech, RB, Sauvignon (Sg), and Muscat Ottonel — Muškát Ottonel in Czech, MO) and two blue (Dornfelder — Df and Blue Frankish — Frankovka in Czech, Fr) grapevine varieties throughout their growth, ripening and maturing (July–November). Potentiometric titration was applied for the determination of total titratable acids in grapes (expressed as tartaric acid equivalents in g L−1). A spectrophotometric method according Rebelein based on the formation of a colored complex of ammonium metavanadate and tartaric acid was used for determination of tartaric acid in green juice made by pressing unripe grapes. A spectrophotometric method based on reduction of phosphomolybdato-tungsten complex in alkaline solution using Folin-Ciocalteau reagent was applied for determination of total content of phenolic substances (TCP).

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Published Online: 2013-7-19
Published in Print: 2013-10-1

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