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Comparison between Interaction Forces at Air/Liquid and Solid/Liquid Interfaces in the Presence of Non-Ionic Surfactants

Vergleich der Wechselwirkungskräfte an luft/flüssig- und fest/flüssig-Grenzflächen in Gegenwart nichtionischer Tenside
C. Stubenrauch, J. Schlarmann, O. J. Rojas and P. M. Claesson


Interactions in thin liquid foam films and between solid/liquid surfaces coated with the non-ionic surfactant hexaoxyethylene dodecylether (C12 E6) were investigated with a TFPB (thin film pressure balance) and the MASIF (Measurement and Analysis of Surface Interaction Forces) technique, respectively. For foam films the formation of common black films (CBF) and Newton black films (NBF) was observed depending on the surfactant concentration and the applied pressure. With increasing surfactant concentration and increasing pressure the CBF is destabilized, whereas a stabilization of the NBF is observed. In addition, MASIF measurements with two different hydrophobic surfaces were made. In one case silanated glass surfaces and in the other case thiolated gold surfaces were used. Differences and similarities of the interactions between these two surfaces are shown and discussed. Furthermore, the results of the MASIF measurements are compared with the ones of the thin film pressure balance measurements and the influence of the surfactant concentration on the interactions is discussed.


Mit einer TFPB (thin film pressure balance) und der MASIF (Measurement and Analysis of Surface Interaction Forces) Technik wurden Wechselwirkungen in freistehenden Schaumfilmen und zwischen fest/flüssig-Grenzflächen für wässrige Lösungen des nichtionischen Tensids Hexaethylenglykol-Monododecylether (C12 E6) untersucht. Für Schaumfilme wurde die Bildung von common black films (CBF) und Newton black films (NBF) abhängig von der Tensidkonzentration und dem angelegten Druck beobachtet. Dabei wird mit steigender Tensidkonzentration und steigendem Druck der CBF destabilisiert und der NBF stabilisiert. Zum Vergleich wurden MASIF-Messungen mit zwei unterschiedlichen hydrophoben Oberflächen durchgeführt. Zum einen wurden silanierte Glasoberflächen, zum anderen thiolierte Goldoberflächen verwendet. Unterschiede sowie Ähnlichkeiten der Wechselwirkungen zwischen diesen beiden Grenzflächen werden aufgezeigt und diskutiert. Weiterhin werden die mit der MASIF-Technik erhaltenen Ergebnisse mit denen der thin film pressure balance verglichen und der Einfluss der Tensidkonzentration auf die Wechselwirkungen diskutiert.

Correspondence to Dr. Cosima Stubenrauch, Institut für Physikalische Chemie, Universität zu Köln Luxemburger Str. 116, 50939 Köln Germany E-mail:

Dr. Cosima Stubenrauch studied chemistry at the universities of Münster and Freiburg and received her PhD in Physical Chemistry at the TU Berlin in 1997. After a postdoctoral year at the Université Paris Sud, she has been working as an associate researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the University of Cologne since 1999.

Dr. Judith Schlarmann studied chemistry at the University of Cologne where she received her PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2004. She is working for the Richard Kühn GmbH & Co. KG in Großburgwedel since August 2004.

Dr. Orlando Rojas studied chemistry at the Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela and received his PhD at the Auburn University in 1998. After a postdoctoral stay in Prof. Claesons's group, he has been working as an assistant professor at the Department of Wood and Paper Science at the North Carolina State University since 2003.

Prof. Per Claesson studied Chemical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where he received his PhD in Physical Chemistry in 1986. Since 1998 he is Professor in Surface Chemistry at the Royal Institute of Technology. Prof. Per Claesson is Head of the Surface Science Group at KTH and Director of the VINNOVA competence center “Surfactants based on natural products”.


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