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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 8, 2013

Bleaching Product Development in View of Ecological Aspects

Bleichmittelentwicklung unter ökologischen Aspekten
  • L. Cuypers , M. Hirschen and G. Reinhardt


The new European Detergents Regulation will enter into force 8 October 2005, dealing with the aerobic biodegradation of surfactants so far. An expansion of the regulation regarding all main organic detergent ingredients and anaerobic biodegradation aspects shall be reviewed until April 2009. Within the scope of this expansion also bleach activators will be affected, whereat in our opinion thought should been given to a specific characteristic of this ingredients category: whereas other detergent ingredients as surfactants, builders or solvents act in the washing process due to physical effects and therefore arrive at the environment in a chemical unchanged way, bleach activators react with per-oxo compounds during the washing process and hence change their chemical structure. So, regarding bleach activators, the environmental relevant compound differs from the compound being existent in the washing agent. This issue shall be pointed out considering various bleach activators as example.


Am 8. Oktober 2005 tritt die neue europäische Detergenzien-Verordnung in Kraft, die bisher ausschließlich den aeroben Bioabbau von Tensiden behandelt. Eine Ausweitung der Verordnung auf alle organischen Hauptbestandteile der Waschmittel und auf den anaeroben Bioabbau soll bis April 2009 geprüft werden. Im Rahmen der Ausweitung wären auch Bleichaktivatoren betroffen, wobei unserer Meinung nach eine Besonderheit dieser Wirkstoffklasse berücksichtigt werden sollte: Während andere Waschmittelbestandteile wie Tenside, Builder oder Lösungsmittel durch physikalische Effekte im Waschprozess wirken und daher chemisch unverändert in die Umwelt gelangen, reagieren Bleichaktivatoren in der Waschlauge mit Peroxoverbindungen und ändern somit ihre chemische Struktur. Daher unterscheidet sich die umweltrelevante Verbindung bei Bleichaktivatoren von der Verbindung, die im Waschmittel vorliegt. Diese Problematik soll am Beispiel verschiedenartiger Bleichaktivatoren verdeutlicht werden.

1Dr. Lars Cuypers, Clariant GmbH 65926 Frankfurt/M. Germany E-Mail:

Dr. Lars Cuypers was born in 1974. He studied chemistry in Oldenburg and Marburg, completing his doctorate 2002. In 2003 he joined Clariant as a member of the Clariant Graduate Program, where he worked on different research projects in the fields of metal working fluids, crop protection, personal care and detergents. After 18 month in the Graduate Program he joined the detergents business where he is responsible for a laboratory working on the synthesis of bleach activators and catalysts.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martina Hirschen studied chemical engineering at the Fachhochschule (University of Applied Sciences) in Mannheim. In 1990 she joined the Analytical Laboratory of Hoechst AG (since 1997 part of Clariant GmbH) in Frankfurt, Germany. In her current position Ms. Hirschen is in charge of Clariant's Surfactants Analytics and Biodegradation Testing Lab.

Dr. Gerd Reinhardt, born in Germany in 1953, received a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Cologne in 1982. In 1984 he joined the Surfactants and Auxiliaries Division of Hoechst AG (since 1997 part of Clariant GmbH) in Frankfurt, Germany. In his current position as R&D Manager, Dr. Reinhardt is responsible for Clariant's bleach development group.


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Received: 2005-8-17
Published Online: 2013-05-08
Published in Print: 2005-12-01

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