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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 31, 2013

Effect of Micelles on the Dynamic Surface Tension of Zwitterionic Surfactants

Einfluss von Mizellen auf die dynamische Oberflächenspannung von zwitterionischen Tensiden
  • C. Delgado , D. López-Díaz , M. D. Merchán and M. M. Velázquez


The dynamic surface tension of micellar surfactant solutions was measured using the maximum bubble pressure method. The chosen surfactants were carboxy- and sulfo-betaines. At the beginning, surface tension decay curves are consistent with a diffusion-controlled adsorption. However, at long times these curves were analyzed by using the Fainerman model. From these experiments, the rate constants for demicellization were obtained. The micelle dissociation rate constant depends of the surfactant concentration, the concentration dependence is interpreted by Aniansson's theory, and the micelle dissociation constant independent of surfactant concentration was calculated. The rate constants found in this work are of the same order of magnitude as those obtained using classical techniques for fast reactions.


Die dynamische Oberflächenspannung von mizellaren oberflächenaktiven Lösungen wurde mittels der Methode des maximalen Blasendrucks gemessen. Die ausgewählten oberflächenaktiven Substanzen waren Carboxyl- und Sulfobetain. Anfangs waren die Abfälle der dynamischen Oberflächenspannung übereinstimmend mit einer diffusionskontrollierten Adsorption. Diese Kurven wurden jedoch in Log-Zeiten mittels des Fainerman-Models analysiert. Aus diesen Versuchen wurde die Ratenkonstante für die Demizellisierung erhalten. Die mizellare Dissoziationskonstante war abhängig von der Konzentration der oberflächenaktiven Substanz. Diese Konzentrationsabhängigkeit wurde nach der Theorie von Aniansson interpretiert und die mizellare Dissoziationskonstante, unabhängig von der Konzentration der oberflächenaktiven Substanz, errechnet. Die Ratenkonstanten weisen dieselbe Größenordnung auf wie diejenigen, die mittels klassischer Methoden für schnelle Reaktionen erhalten werden.

M. Mercedes Velázquez, Departamento de Química Física, Facultad de Ciencias Químicas, Universidad de Salamanca, Plaza de los Caídos s/n, 37008 Salamanca, SPAIN, Fax: 00-34-923-294574. E-mail:

M. M. Velázquez studied Chemistry at the University of Salamanca. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in the field of micellar catalysis. Part of her studies of Molecular Photochemistry was performed at the Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon with Professor Silvia M.B, Costa. At present she is associate professor at the University of Salamanca.

M. D. Merchán studied Chemistry at the University of Salamanca. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in the field of adsorption-desorption on solids. Her postdoctoral research was developed in the field of homogeneous catalysis in the Instituto de Catálisis y petroleoquímica (CSIC) and heterogeneous catalysis at the University of New Hampshire (USA). Actually she is associate professor at the University of Salamanca, Physical Chemistry department.

C. Delgado and D. López Díaz studied Chemistry at the University of Salamanca. They started a pre-doctoral research project under supervision of Professors M.M. Velázquez and M. Dolores Merchán.


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Received: 2006-03-02
Published Online: 2013-03-31
Published in Print: 2006-09-01

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