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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 30, 2013

Study on the Synthesis and Surface Activities of Disodium of Mono-Alkyl Polyoxyethylene Ether Citrate

Untersuchung zur Synthese und der Oberflächenaktivitäten von Di-Natrium-Monoalkylpolyoxyethylenether-Citrat
  • Z.-C. Zhou , X.-Q. Yang , G.-J. Sun and Y.-M. Cheng


A synthetic process of Disodium of Mono-Alkyl polyoxyethylene Ether Citrate was developed in this paper. The structure of intermediate and products were indicated by infrared spectroscopy. The physico-chemical properties of aqueous solution of products were also investigated. The results show that products are excellent emulsifiers, with the low surface tension in 27–30 mN/m and good wetting power, and possess different foaming behavior in hard water and distilled water.


In dieser Arbeit wurde ein synthetisches Verfahren zur Darstellung von Di-Natrium-Monoalkylpolyoxyethylenether-Citrat entwickelt. Die Strukturen der Zwischenprodukte und Produkte wurden durch Infrarotspektroskopie angezeigt. Des weiteren wurden die physikalisch-chemischen Eigenschaften der wässerigen Lösung der Produkte untersucht. Die Resultate zeigen, dass die Produkte mit einer niedrigen Oberflächenspannung von 27–30 mN/m ausgezeichnete Emulsionsmittel sind, eine gute Benetzungsfähigkeit besitzen und unterschiedliches Schaumverhalten in hartem und in destilliertem Wasser aufweisen.

Prof. Xiuquan Yang, Professor, China Research Institute of Daily Chemical Industry, 34 Wenyuan St., Tai Yuan, P. R. China. E-mail:

Zhang-cai Zhou was born in 1979. He is a master student at China Research Institute of Daily-Chemical Industry. His main field of research is synthesis and properties on surfactant of citrate.

Prof. Xiu-quan Yang was born in 1966. He obtained his M.S. in fine chemicals from Dalian University of Technology in 1990. Since then, he has been teaching and working in China Research Institute of Daily-Chemical Industry. His focus is on synthesis, physical-chemistry properties and applications of surfactants, chemical engineering and green chemistry.

Gang-jian Sun was born in 1980. He obtained his Master's Degree of applied chemistry from China Research Institute of Daily-Chemical Industry in 2007. His main field of research is synthesis of surfactant.

Yu-mei Cheng was born in 1955. She is an engineer on analysis of surfactant. Her research interests are characteristics of surfactants.


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Received: 2007-07-20
Published Online: 2013-03-30
Published in Print: 2007-10-01

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