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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter March 31, 2013

Synthesis and Characterisation of Antifungal Agents Containing Copper(II) Soaps and Derived from Mustard and Soyabean Oil

Synthese und Charakterisierung von kupferseifenhaltigen Antimykotika, derivatisiert aus Senf- und Sojabohnenöl
R. Sharma , P. Tank , M. Saxena , R. Bhutra and K. G. Ojha


The solid copper(II) soaps derived from Mustard oil and Soyabean oil and their complexes with ligands containing nitrogen and sulphur atoms like urea, thiourea and 2-amino-6-chloro benzothiazole have been synthesized and characterised by elemental analysis, IR, NMR, ESR spectroscopy and magnetic moment studies. From the analytical data, the stoichiometry of the complexes have been observed to be 1: 1 (metal: ligand). The magnetic moment studies suggest the dimeric nature of the complexes. IR, NMR and ESR spectral details confirm that complexation has taken place successfully. The results indicate that the complexes possess elongated octahedral geometry. Conductometric studies suggest that the soaps and complexes are non-electrolytic in nature. The fungi toxicities of these ecofriendly and biodegradable soaps and complexes have been investigated.


Aus Senf- und Sojabohnenöl derivatisierte feste Kupfer(II)-Seifen und ihre Komplexe mit Liganden, die Stickstoff- und Schwefelatome, wie Harnstoff, Thioharnstoff und 2-Amino-6-chlorobenzothiazol enthalten wurden synthetisiert und mittels Elementaranalyse, magnetischem Moment, IR-, NMR- und ESR-Spektroskopie charakterisiert. Anhand der analytischen Daten wurde das stöchiometrische Verhältnis der Komplexe bestimmt zu 1: 1 (Metall: Ligand). Untersuchungen des magnetischen Moments weisen auf eine dimere Beschaffenheit der Komplexe hin und die Details aus IR-, NMR- sowie ESR-Spektroskopie bestätigen eine erfolgreiche Komplexbildung. Die Ergebnisse zeigen, dass der Komplexierungsprozess die oktahedrale Geometrie streckt. Die konduktometrischen Untersuchungen weisen auf den nichtelektrolytischen Charakter der Seifen und Komplexe hin. Die pilztötende Wirkung dieser ökofreundlichen und biologisch abbaubaren Seifen und Komplexe wurde untersucht.

Dr. Rashmi Sharma, (Abhilasha), Sohan Nagar, Sendra Road, Beawar (Raj.) 305901, India. E-mail:

Dr. Rashmi Sharma was born in May 1969. She completed her post graduation in 1990. Currently she is working as Assistant Professor in S. D. Govt. College, Beawar.

Pragya Tank was born in November 1973. She completed her post graduation in 2000. She is currently pursuing her lectureship in S. D. Govt. College, Beawar.

Meenakshi Saxena was born in 1968. She is currently pursuing her lectureship in S. D. Govt. College, Beawar.

Renu Bhutra was born in 1976. She did her Post Graduation in 1999 and is currently working as a guest faculty in S. D. Govt. College, Beawar, Rajastan, India.

Dr. K. G. Ojha was born in October 1949, studied for his M.Sc. at Rajasthan University. After obtaining his PhD in 1981 he worked for Rajasthan college Education for 26 years and joined M. D. S. University as Associate Professor in the Dept. of Applied Chemistry in 1997.


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Received: 2007-09-28
Published Online: 2013-03-31
Published in Print: 2008-03-01

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