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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 5, 2013

Micellar Studies of Magnesium Soaps Using Ion-selective Electrode

Mizellare Untersuchungen von Magnesiumseifen mittels ionenselektiver Elektrode
  • L. C. Heda , D. Pareek , C. Pareek and S. Mosalpuri


Magnesium soaps of caproic and caprylic acids were prepared and a cell was set up for the measurement of EMF (electromotive force) of the cell containing referred soap solutions in methanol water solvent system with the aid of ion-selective electrode. The critical micelle concentration of soap solutions was determined by plotting the electromotive force of the cell against soap concentration. The critical micelle concentration of these soap solutions varies with increase in chain length of the fatty acids in the soap. The energetic studies of the system have been carried out from the electromotive force values of the cell containing soap solution to ascertain the chain length compatibility and agglomeration profile. The values of free energy change are negative indicating the spontaneity of cell reaction and decreases with increasing soap concentration while increases with the increase methanol concentration in solvent mixture.


Aus Capronsäure und Caprylsäure wurden Magnesiumseifen dargestellt. Mit diesen Seifenlösungen wurde in einem Methanol/Wasser-Lösungssystem eine Zelle zur Messung der EMK (elektromotorische Kraft) dieser Zelle mit Hilfe einer ionenselektiven Elektrode konfiguriert. Durch graphische Darstellung der elektromotorischen Kraft der Zelle gegen die Seifenkonzentration wurden die kritischen Mizellbildungskonzentrationen der Seifenlösungen bestimmt, die mit zunehmender Kettenlänge der Fettsäurenseifen variieren. Die energetischen Untersuchungen des Systems erfolgten durch die EMK-Werte der seifenhaltigen Zelle, um die Kettenlängenkompatibilität und die Agglomerationsform zu bestimmen. Die negative Änderung der freien Energie weist auf eine spontane Zellenreaktion hin, die mit Erhöhung der Seifenkonzentration abnimmt, während sie mit Erhöhung der Methanolkonzentration in der Lösungsmittelmischung zunimmt.

Dushyant Pareek, Department of Chemistry, S.D. Govt. College, 149, B.M. Sharma Nagar, Ganeshpura Road, Beawar – 305901 (Raj.) INDIA. E-Mail: ,

Dr. L. C. Heda was born in July 1957. He is Life member of Indian Chemical Society, Indian Council of Chemists and Indian Science Congress from 1989 and have 28 yrs. research experience. Completed Ph.D. Degree in 1984 from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He is currently working as Head, graduate department in chemistry at S.D. Govt. College Beawar. He supervised three major and two minor research projects related to surfactants and macromolecules and has 27 research papers to his credit. He worked as member of board of studies in applied chemistry M.D.S. University and Syllabus Committee and reviewing Comm. In BOSE Rajasthan.

Dr. Dushyant Pareek was born in 1972. He is completed his Post Graduation and Ph.D. Degree from M.D.S. University Ajmer. Currently he is working as a Assistant Professor in S.D. Govt. College Beawar. His research interest and activities have been on the physico-chemical characterization of micelles and aggregated of surfactant.

Chandresh Pareek was born in 1972. He has been doing research for Ph.D. in S.D. Govt. College Beawar. He has completed his Post Graduation from M.D.S. University Ajmer. Currently he is working as a Assistant Professor in S.D. Govt. College Beawar.

Dr. Sonraj Mosalpuri was born in 1967. He studied for his M.Sc. at Jodhpur University and Ph.D. from M.D.S. University Ajmer in 2002. He joined Rajasthan Education Service in 1992 and presently working as associate professor in S.D. Govt. College Beawar.


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Received: 2008-04-04
Published Online: 2013-04-05
Published in Print: 2008-09-01

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