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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 5, 2013

Micellar Behaviour of Copper Surfactants Derived from Fresh (Untreated) Sesame Oil and Used (Treated at High Temperature) Sesame Oil

Mizellares Verhalten von Kupfertensiden aus frischem (unbehandeltem) und aus gebrauchtem (bei hohen Temperaturen behandeltem) Sesamöl
R. Sharma , R. Bhutra and S. Khan


Copper soaps have been prepared from fresh and used sesame oils. The formation of copper soaps has been confirmed by spectral technique. Micellar characterization of copper soaps has been studied by density, viscosity and ultrasonic measurements. The apparent molar volume and apparent molar compressibility have been enumerated at constant temperature using these data. The results were used to determine the critical micelle concentration (CMC), soap-solvent interaction. The results of apparent molar volume were discussed in terms of Masson's equation and the results of viscosity data have been discussed in terms of Jones-Dole equation. The CMC values are found to increase with decrease in average molecular weight of the soap. It has been observed that there is a decrease in soap-solvent interaction with the decrease in average molecular weight of copper soap.


Kupferseifen wurden aus unbehandelten und aus behandelten Sesamölen hergestellt. Die Entstehung der Kupferseifen wurde mit einer spektralen Technik bestätigt. Zur Charakterisierung der Kupferseifenmizellen wurden Messungen der Dichte, der Viskosität und des Ultraschalls durchgeführt. Das scheinbare Molvolumen und die scheinbare molare Kompressibiltät bei konstanter Temperatur wurden aus diesen Daten berechnet. Die Ergebnisse für das scheinbare Molvolumen wurden im Rahmen der Masson-Gleichung und die Ergebnisse der Viskosität im Rahmen der Jones-Dole-Gleichung diskutiert. Die Werte für die CMC nahmen mit abnehmendem mittleren Molekulargewicht der Seifen zu. Es wurde mit Abnahme des mittleren Molekulargewichts der Kupferseifen eine abnehmende Wechselwirkung zwischen Seife und Lösemittel beobachtet.

Dr. Rashmi Sharma, “Abhilasha”, Sohan Nagar, Sendra Road, Beawar (Raj.) 305901, India. E-Mail:

Dr. Rashmi Sharma was born in May 1969. She completed her Post graduation in 1990. Currently she is working as Assistant Professor in S.D. Govt. College, Beawar. She has published more than 14 papers in National and International Journals and had presented 7 papers in National and International Conferences. Her research interests are Surfactants and Olio-Chemicals.

Dr. Renu Bhutra was born in 1977. She completed her post graduation in 1999 and is currently working as a Senior Lecturer in Apex Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur, Raj. She has published 2 papers in National and International Journals. Her research interests are Surfactants, Olio-Chemicals and the factors affecting.

Dr. Shema Khan was born in December; 1972. She completed her Post graduation in 1997. She is currently pursuing her lectureship in S.D. Govt. College, Beawar. She has published 3 papers in National and International Journals and had presented 4 papers in National and International Conferences. Her research interests are biological activities of Surfactants and Oleo-Chemicals.


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Received: 2009-06-10
Published Online: 2013-04-05
Published in Print: 2010-03-01

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