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Micellar Catalysis of Chromic Acid Oxidation of Methionine to Industrially Important Methylthiol in Aqueous Media at Room Temperature

Mizelleare Katalyse der Chromsäureoxidation von Methionin zum industriell bedeutenden Methylthiol im wässrigen Medium bei Raumtemperatur
Ankita Basu, Sumanta Kr. Ghosh, Rumpa Saha, Aniruddha Ghosh, Kakali Mukherjee and Bidyut Saha


Oxidation of organic molecule by metal is very important. Selective oxidants require non aqueous media, which is toxic and hazardous. L-methionine is oxidized to industrially important methyl thiol in micellar media by chromic acid. The overall reaction follows a first order dependency on substrate and hexavalent chromium and second order dependency on hydrogen ion. Here, reverse micelle formation is observed. TX-100 increases the rate where as SDS retards the rate of oxidation.


Die Oxidation organischer Moleküle an Metallen ist sehr wichtig. Selektive Oxidationsmittel erfordern nicht wässrige Medien, die toxisch und gefährlich sind. L-Methionin wird zum industriell wichtigen Methylthiol im mizellaren Medium mit Chromsäure oxidiert. Die Gesamtreaktion folgt einem Modell erster Ordnung in Bezug auf das Substrat und auf Chrom(VI) und einem Modell zweiter Ordnung in Bezug auf das Wasserstoffion. Hierbei wird die Bildung reverser Mizellen beobachtet. TX-100 steigert und SDS hemmt die Geschwindigkeit der Oxidation.

1 Correspondence to, Dr. Bidyut Saha, Homogeneous Catalysis Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, The University of Burdwan, Burdwan-713104, WB, India. E-Mail:

Ankita Basu: She was born in Burdwan, in 1984. She passed her M.Sc degree from the University of Burdwan in 2007 and got NET-UGC fellowship on the year 2007. She is working in my lab in “Inorganic Reaction Mechanism” division.

Sumanta Kr. Ghosh: He was born in Burdwan, in 1974. He passed his M. Sc degree from the Visva-Bharati and got NET-CSIR fellowship on the year 1999. He is working in my lab in “Inorganic Reaction Mechanism and Catalysis” division.

Rumpa Saha: She was born in Burdwan, in 1987. She passed her M. Sc degree from the University of Burdwan in 2009 and got NET-CSIR fellowship on the year 2009. She is working in my lab in “Bio-remediation” division.

Aniruddha Ghosh: He was born in Raniganj, in 1988. He passed his M. Sc degree from the University of Burdwan in 2010 and got NET-UGC fellowship on the year 2010. He is working in my lab in “Bio-remediation” division.

Kakali Mukherjee: She was born in Bankura, in 1988. She passed her M.Sc degree from the University of Burdwan in 2011 and got NET-LS fellowship on the year 2010. She is working in my lab in “Bio-remediation” division.

Dr. Bidyut Saha: He was born in Birbhum, WB, India in 1975. He obtained his Ph. D degree from Visva Bharati University, India in 2007. He was a visiting scientist for the year 2009–2010 in the Department of Chemistry, UBC, Canada. Dr. Saha is presently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Burdwan University, India His area of interests is bioremediation of toxic metal, micellar catalysis and inorganic reaction mechanism. He has already published thirty papers in international journals.


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