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Foaming Behavior of Dialdehyde Starch Schiff-base Derivatives

Schaumverhalten von Schiff’schen Basedialdehydstärkederivaten
Xiaojuan Wang, Shufen Zhang and Benzhi Ju


A foamable dialdehyde starch-aniline Schiff-base (DAS-AN) was synthesized by the reaction of dialdehyde starch (DAS) and oil-soluble aniline in a homogeneous dimethyl sulfoxide system under N2 atmosphere. The DAS-ANs were characterized by gel permeation chromatography (GPC), Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and NMR spectroscopy. Their foaming behavior and surface tension were investigated. Foaming power and stability tests were performed for solutions of DAS-ANs with different degrees of substitutions with aniline (DSAN) and concentrations. The maximum foaming power was 2.6 times the initial solution volume of the foam test in 450 mg · L–1 CaCO3 aqueous solution. The most stable foams only decreased by 6% in volume in deionized water after 20 min.


Eine verschäumbare Schiff’sche Base aus Dialdehydstärke und Anilin (DAS-AN) wurde durch Reaktion von Dial dehydstärke (DAS) mit öllöslichem Anilin im homogenen Dimethylsulfoxidsystem unter N2-Atmonsphäre erhalten. Die DAS-ANs wurde mit Hilfe von Gelpermeationschromatographie (GPC), Fourier-Transfom-IR-Spektroskopie (FT-IR) und der Kernspinresonanzspektroskopie (NMR) charakterisiert. Ihr Schaumverhalten und ihre Oberflächenspannung wurden untersucht. Tests zum Schaumvermögen und zur Stabilität wurde mit Lösungen durchgeführt, die DAS-AN mit verschiedenen Anilin-Substitutionsgraden (DSAN) und Konzentrationen enthielten. Das maximale Schaumvermögen betrug das 2,6-fache des ursprünglichen wässrigen Lösungsvolumens mit 450 mg L–1 CaCO3 im Schaumtest. Das Volumen der stabilsten Schäume in deionisiertem Wasser nahm nach 20 Minuten um nur 6% ab.

1 Prof. Benzhi Ju, State Key Lab of Fine Chemicals, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024P.R. China, E-Mail:

Xiaojuan Wang was born in January 1983. She is a Ph.D student at Dalian University of Technology (China). Her main field of research is synthesis and physical chemistry of starch-based surfactants.

Shufen Zhang was born in April 1960. She is a Professor and is the director of the department of fine chemicals of Dalian University of Technology (China). Her focus is on the synthesis of surfactants and dyes, as well as their application.

Benzhi Ju, Professor, is teaching and working at Dalian University of Technology (China). His main field of research is the synthesis and application of starch-based surfactants and intelligent materials.


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