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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter July 9, 2015

Linear Polyethers as Additives for AOT-Based Microemulsions: Prediction of Percolation Temperature Changes Using Artificial Neural Networks

Linare Polyether als Additive in AOT-basierenden Mikroemulsionen: Vorhersage von Veränderungen der Percolationstemperatur mittels eines künstlichen neuronalen Netzwerks
Óscar Adrían Moldes , Antonio Cid , I. A. Montoya and Juan Carlos Mejuto


Predictive models based on artificial neural networks have been developed for the percolation threshold of AOT based microemulsions with addition of either glymes or polyethylene glycols. Models have been built according to the multilayer perceptron architecture, with five input variables (concentration, molecular mass, log P, number of C and O of the additive). Best model for glymes has a topology of five input neurons, five neurons in a single hidden layer and one output neuron. Polyethylene glycol model's architecture consists in five input neurons, three hidden layers with eight neurons in both first two and five in the last, and a neuron in the last output layer. All of them have a good predictive power according to several quality parameters.


Es wurden auf künstliche neuronale Netzwerke basierende Vorhersagemodelle für die Percolationsschwelle von AOT-basierenden Mikroemulsionen, denen entweder Glyme oder Polyethylenglykole zugesetzt wurden, entwickelt. Die Modelle wurden entsprechend der Multi-Layer-Perception-Architektur mit 5 Eingangsvariablen (Konzentration, Molmasse, log P, Anzahl der C- und der O-Atome des Additivs) gebaut. Das beste Modell für die Gylme hat eine Topologie von 5 Eingangsneuronen, 5 Neutronen in der einzelnen Hidden-Layer und ein Ausgangsneutron. Die Architektur des Polyethylenglykolmodells besteht aus 5 Eingangsneuronen, 3 Hiddenlayer mit 8 Neutronen in den ersten beiden und 5 in der letzten Layer und einem Neuron in der letzten Ausgangslayer. Alle lieferten eine gute Vorhersage entsprechend der verschiedenen Qualitätsparameter.

*Correspondence address, Prof. Dr. Juan C. Mejuto, Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Vigo at Ourense, Ourense, Galicia, Spain, E-Mail:

Juan Carlos Mejuto actually is Full Professor in the Physical Chemistry Department of University of Vigo at Ourense Campus. He is the head of the Colloids group at Ourense Campus. His research interest comprises (i) physical organic and physical inorganic chemistry, (ii) reactivity mechanisms in homogeneous and microheterogeneous media, (iii) stability of self-assembly aggregates and (iv) supramolecular chemistry.

Óscar Adrían Moldes take his PhD at Colloid Chemistry Group at the Faculty of Sciences at Ourense (University of Vigo). His research interests are focused in the internal dynamics of self-assembly colloids, in particular percolative phenomena in microemulsions, and the synthesis and properties of colloidal nanomaterials.

Antonio Cid take his PhD at University of Vigo, actually he has got a Post-Doctoral Position at New University of Lisbon. His research interests are focused in properties of self-assembly colloid aggregates at nanoscale and its applications in biotechnology.

Iago Antonio Montoya is a PhD student at Colloid Chemistry Group at the Faculty of Sciences at Ourense (University of Vigo).


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Accepted: 2015-02-24
Published Online: 2015-07-09
Published in Print: 2015-07-15

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