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Properties and Vesicle Formation in Mixed Systems of a Branched Anionic Carboxylate Surfactant and a Cationic Surfactant

Eigenschaften und Vesikelbildung in Mischsystemem aus einem verzweigten anionischen Carboxylat-Tensid und einem kationischen Tensid
Jun Li, Yunling Li, Qinghong Zhang, Yongbo Song and Zhifei Wang


Mixtu res of the anionic surfactant AEC7-Na (branched alcohol ether carboxylate) and the cationic surfactant didecylmethylhydroxyethylammonium chloride (DEQ) were systematically investigated. The results showed that the mixtures possess synergisms. The DEQ-AEC7-Na mixture with a mass ratio of 1:1 showed the best result in terms of surface activity, wettability and emulsifying performance. However, when the mass ratio m(DEQ):m(AEC7-Na) = 8:2, the foaming ability and foam stability of the individual surfactants are better. Vesicles smaller than 100 nm coexist with worm-like micelles as soon as a small amount of AEC7- Na is added to DEQ (m(DEQ):m(AEC7-Na) = 8:2). At m(DEQ):m(AEC7-Na) = 4:6 and 2:8, vesicles of approximate ly 80 nm were observed.


Mischungen aus dem anionischen Tensid AEC7-Na (verzweigtes Alkoholethercarboxylat) und dem kationischen Tensid Didecylmethylhydroxyethylammoniumchlorid (DEQ) wurden systematisch untersucht. Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass die Mischungen Synergismen besitzen. Die DEQ-AEC7-Na-Mischung mit einem Massenverhältnis von 1:1 zeigte hinsichtlich der Oberflächenaktivität, Benetzungsfähigkeit und Emulgierleistung das beste Ergebnis. Wenn das Masseverhältnis mDEQ:mAEC7-Na jedoch 8:2 beträgt, sind die Schaumfähigkeit und die Schaumstabilität der einzelnen Tensiden besser. Vesikel mit einer Größe von weniger als 100 nm koexistieren mit wurmartigen Mizellen, sobald eine kleine Menge AEC7-Na zu DEQ (m(DEQ):m(AEC7-Na) = 8:2) gegeben wird. Bei den Mischungsverhältnissen m(DEQ):m(AEC7- Na) = 4:6 und 2:8 wurden Vesikel mit einer Größe von ungefähr 80 nm beobachtet.

Correspondence address, Prof. Yunling Li, China Research Institute of Daily Chemisry Co., Ltd, 34# Wenyuan Street, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province 030001, P.R. China, Tel.: +86-351-4046827, Fax: +86-351-4040802, E-Mail:

Mrs. Jun Li received a M.S. in analysis chemistry from Shanxi Universit y, P.R. China and is currently working as engineer in the China Research Institute of Daily Chemistry Co., Ltd, P.R. China. She is now involved in the analysis and applications of surfactants.

Prof. Yunling Li received a Ph.D. in applied chemistry from Shanxi University, P.R. China and is currently a professor of engineering in the China Research Institute of Daily Chemistry Co., Ltd, P.R. China. Her research interests include surfactants and industrial catalysis.

Miss Qinghong Zhang received a M.S. in industrial catalysis from the China Research Institute of Daily Chemisry Co., Ltd, P.R. China. She is now involved in the synthesis and applications of surfactants.

Dr. Yongbo Song received a Ph.D. in applied chemistry from Shanxi University, P.R. China and is currently working as senior engineer in the China Research Institute of Daily Chemisry Co., Ltd, P.R. China. His research interests include surfactants and industrial catalysis.

Mr. Zhifei Wang received a M.S. in polymers from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, P.R. China and is currently working as assistent engineer in the China Research Institute of Daily Chemisry Co., Ltd, P.R. China.


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