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Lyotropic Lamellar Mesophase. Magneto-Morphologic Transforma tions and Optical Refracting Properties: Effect of Optically Active Dopants

Lyotrope, lamellare Mesophase. Magnetom orphologische Transformationen und optische Brechungseigenschaften: Wirkung optisch aktiver Dotierungen
Yasemin Altınay and Arif Nesrullajev


Effect of optically active dopants on the morphologic and optical refracting properties of the lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophase with anisometric micelles has been investigated. Lyotropic lamellar mesophases, which are formed by the plate-like micelles of quasi-indef inite diameter, were objects of the investigations. Wine acid (WA) and tartaric acid (TA) were used as the optically active dopants. Texture transformations under influence of an external magnetic field and time and temperature changes of these textures for quaternary mixtures with various concentrations of the optically active dopants have been studied. Unusual textures with the spherical microdroplet formations have been found and studied. The optical refracting properties of ternary and quaternar y lyotropic systems vs. temperature and concentration were investigated.


Der Einfluss optisch aktiver Dotierstoffe auf die morphologischen und optischen Brechungseigenschaften der lyotropen flüssigkristallinen Mesophase mit anisometrischen Mizellen wurde untersucht. Gegenstand der Untersuchungen waren lyotrope lamellare Mesophasen, die von plättchenförmigen Mizellen mit quasi-unbestimmtem Durchmesser gebildet werden. Als optisch aktive Dotierstoffe wurden Weinsäure (WA) und Weinsäure (“tartaric acid” = TA) verwendet. Texturtransformationen unter Einfluss von externen Magnetfeld-, Zeit- und Temperaturänderungen dieser Texturen für quaternäre Gemische mit verschiedenen Konzentrationen der optisch aktiven Dotierstoffe wurden untersucht. Es wurden ungewöhnliche Texturen mit kugelförmigen Mikrotröpfchenformationen gefunden und untersucht. Die optischen Brechungseigenschaften von ternären und quaternären lyotropen Systemen abhängig von Temperatur und Konzentration wurden untersucht.

Correspondence address, Prof. Dr. Arif Nesrullajev, Mugla Sitki Koçman University, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Physics, Laborator y of Liquid and Solid Crystals, 48000 Mugla Kotekli, Turkey, E-Mail:

Doctor of Sciences, Phylosophy Doctor Arif Nesrulla jev is Professor at Mugla Sitki Kocman University. He is author and co-author about 300 scientific works in field of Soft Matter Physics, Physics and Application of Liquid Crystalline Materials (papers, books, invention patents etc.). He has “Inventor of USSR” medal and various International and National scientific awards. He worked as a Visiting Professor in Italy, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Turkey and Hungary.

Master of Sciences Yasemin Altinay is PhD student at Department of Physics of Mugla Sitki Kocman University. She is co-author of some publications, connecting with physics and physical-chemistry of Liquid Crystalline Materials.


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