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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 31, 2013

Fatgue Life Under Random Tension-Compression Load for Different Probability Levels

Tadeusz Łagoda and Karolina Walat
From the journal Materials Testing


The paper contains considerations on fatigue life determined on the basis of tests performed under uniaxial stress state. Specimens made of a 18G2A steel were tested. The calculated fatigue lives were compared with those obtained from the tests. The calculations were performed according to the ASTM standard, i. e. plotted as S-N characteristic (the Wöhler curve), and in the scatter for the assumed significance level of 5%, typical for fatigue tests. The results of the calculations are consistent to the experimental results within the whole range


Lebensdauer unter beliebiger Zug-Druck-Beanspruchung für verschiedene Wahrscheinlichkeitsniveaus. Im vorliegenden Beitrag werden Überlegungen angestellt, um die Lebensdauer auf der Basis von Versuchen unter einachsiger Beanspruchung zu bestimmen. Es wurden Proben aus einem 18G2A-Stahl untersucht. Die berechneten Lebensdauern wurden mit denen aus den Versuchen verglichen. Die Berechnungen wurden entsprechend des ASTM-Standards durchgeführt, also als Wöhler-Kurve aufgetragen und lagen, typisch für Ermüdungsversuche, in der Streubreite von 5% für das angenommene Singnifikanzniveau. Die Berechungsergebnisse waren über den gesamten Bereich konform zu den experimentellen Resultaten.

Dr. hab. Eng. Tadeusz Łagoda studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Opole, Poland and completed 1989 with MSc. Since 1989 he is working at this University. He completed PhD thesis at the Technical Univeristy of Opole in 1996 and habilitated at Technical University of Wroclaw. Now, he is working as professor of the Technical University of Opole, Poland in the Faculty of Mechanics and Department of Mechanics and Machine Designe.

Eng. Karolina Walat finished her studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2006, where she is now working as an assistant.


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Published Online: 2013-05-31
Published in Print: 2010-06-01

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