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Pt-Rh Alloys: Investigation of Creep Rate and Rupture Time at High Temperatures

Pt-Rh Legierungen: Untersuchung der Kriechgeschwindigkeit und Zeitstandsfestigkeit bei hohen Temperaturen
Biserka Trumić, Lidija Gomidželović, Saša Marjanović, Vesna Krstić, Aleksandra Ivanović and Silvana Dimitrijević
From the journal Materials Testing


The results of experimental investigation of creep rate and rupture time of the alloys of Pt-Rh system are presented in this paper. Selected alloys with 7–40 wt.-% Rh content were examined using a universal device for tensile testing of materials at high temperatures, and monitoring structure changes of the samples by electron microscopy. Investigations were performed in the temperature range between 1200°C and 1700°C at a stress between 2 MPa and 15 MPa.


Die Ergebnisse einer experimentellen Untersuchung der Kriechrate und der Zeit bis zum Bruch von Legierungen des Pt-Rh-Systems werden im vorliegenden Beitrag vorgestellt. Die ausgewählten Legierungen mit 7Gew.-%-40 Gew.-% Rh wurden in einer Universalzugprüfmaschine bei hohen Temperaturen geprüft und es wurden die Gefügeänderungen mittels Elektronenmikroskopie aufgezeichnet. Die Untersuchungen wurden im Temperaturbereich zwischen 1200 und 1700°C und bei Spannungen zwischen 2 MPa und 15 MPa durchgeführt.

Dr. Biserka Trumić (1966) is senior research fellow at the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Bor (Serbia). She recieved PhD degree at University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor (Serbia) in 2001. Research areas: processing of platinum metals, high-temperature catalysis of ammonia on Pt-Rh-Pd catalysts, characterization of alloys.

Dr. Lidija Gomidželović (1974) is researcher at Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor (Serbia). She recieved PhD degree at University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor (Serbia) in 2012. Research areas: lead-free solder materials, thermodynamics of alloys, characterization.

Dr. Saša Marjanović (1971) is assistant professor at University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty in Bor (Serbia), department of Metallurgy, where he recieved PhD degree in 2010. Research areas: processing of metals in plastic state, physical metallurgy, materials testing, and metallurgical thermodynamics.

Dr. Vesna Krstić (1969) is researcher at Mining and Metallurgy Institute Bor (Serbia). She recieved PhD degree at University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain in 2005. Research areas: new materials (MCM-41, SBA-15, PILC's), Rh/MCM-41 catalysis, Rh-Sn/MCM-41 catalysis, crotonaldehyde hydrogenation.

Aleksandra Ivanović (1971) is research fellow at the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Bor (Serbia) and PhD student at the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade. Research field: materials science, mathematical modeling, characterization of alloys.

MSc Silvana Dimitrijević (1972) is research fellow at the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Bor (Serbia) and PhD student at the Technical Faculty in Bor, University of Belgrade. Research field: electrometallurgical processes of copper and noble metals, solvent extraction of rhodium and electrodeposition of decorative gold coatings.


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