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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter January 7, 2019

Adsorption properties of heavy metal ions in landfill leachate by Na-bentonite

  • Xin Xu , Xiaofeng Liu , Myounghak Oh , Junboum Park and Y. Frank Chen
From the journal Materials Testing


As a result of the rapid development of industry, the heavy metal contamination of landfill leachate has become more serious. Adsorption is an effective method that can remove heavy metal ions from landfill leachate. Na-bentonite was selected as the adsorbent for the adsorption of heavy metal ions (lead, cadmium, copper) from landfill leachate in both single and competitive systems. Batch experiments were conducted to study the effects of contact time, pH value, temperature, and initial concentration on adsorption efficiency. Adsorption behavior was investigated by means of adsorption isotherms, adsorption kinetics, and adsorption thermodynamics. The study results show that: 1. The amount of heavy metal ions adsorbed by Na-bentonite increases with increasing contact time, pH value, temperature, and initial concentration of heavy metal ions. 2. Adsorption behavior is suitable for modeling with the Langmuir isotherm and a pseudo second-order kinetic model. 3. The adsorption of lead and cadmium are thermodynamically spontaneous, the adsorption of copper is not spontaneous, and the adsorption processes of lead, cadmium and copper are all endothermic using thermodynamic analysis. 4. Competitive adsorption between lead, cadmium, and copper occurs in competitive systems.

*Correspondence Address, Prof. Dr. Junboum Park, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University, 599 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 08826, South Korea
** Prof. Dr. Y. Frank Chen, Department of Civil Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 777 W Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, PA17057, USA, E-mail: , , , ,

Xin Xu, born in 1987, is a PhD student at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Seoul National University, South Korea. His studies focus on geotechnical and geo-environmental Engineering.

Xiaofeng Liu, born in 1989, is a PhD student at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering in Taiyuan University of Technology, Taiyuan, P. R. China. His studies focus on geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering.

Dr. Myounghak Oh, born in 1975, is principal researcher at the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, Busan, South Korea. He obtained his PhD degree from Seoul National University, South Korea in 2005. He specializes in geo-environmental engineering and offshore geotechnical engineering.

Prof. Dr. Junboum Park, born in 1962, is Professor at Seoul National University, South Korea. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Houston, Texas, USA in 1994. His main research area is permeable reactive barrier, leakage detection systems, sorption material development and other related areas in geo-environmental engineering.

Y. Frank Chen, born in 1956, is currently Tenured Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, Middletown, USA. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA in 1988. He specializes in dynamic soil-structure interaction, computational methods, bridge engineering, foundations, dynamic-load resistant designs, geo-environmental engineering, and construction materials.


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Published Online: 2019-01-07
Published in Print: 2019-01-07

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