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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter April 30, 2019

Influence of natural aging on the mechanical properties of high pressure die casting (HPDC) EN AC 46000-AlSi9Cu3(Fe) Al alloy

Davor Stanić , Vedrana Špada and Dario Iljkić
From the journal Materials Testing


The standard aluminum alloy AlSi9Cu3(Fe) is the most common Al alloy used to produce castings by means of high-pressure casting technology and has wide application in the automotive industry, especially for motor mounts, gearbox housings, filter housings, generator housings, turbocharger housings, etc. The advantages of AlSi9Cu3(Fe) alloy are relatively good mechanical properties, strength and hardness, although it shows slightly lower elasticity and corrosion resistance. The artificial aging process or stabilization annealing can be used to improve the dimensional stability of castings, with the aim of achieving better mechanical properties as soon as possible. In this paper, the influence of natural aging time on the mechanical properties of AlSi9Cu3(Fe) alloy as well as on microstructure development was investigated. Specimens were prepared by high pressure die casting technology under optimized parameters. Chemical content was determined by optical emission spectroscopy. Thermodynamic calculation was performed by Thermo-Calc 5 software and transformation temperatures during dynamic measurement were followed by differential scanning calorimetry. Tensile properties after 3 and 30 days of aging, as well as 7 months, were determined by a tensile test at an MTS 810 instrument. Metallographic analysis was carried out by optical microscope and field-emission scanning electron microscope. Results showed a significant increase in tensile strength, yield strength and elongation with aging time and formation of (αAl + βSi), Alx(Fe,Mn)ySiz, Al2Cu-Si, Al5FeSi and Al-Mg2Si-Cu phases.

Correspondence Address, Dr. Davor Stanić, CIMOS d.d. – P. P. C. Buzet, Casting Process Engineering, Most 24, HR – 52420 Buzet, Croatia, Lecturer at Polytechnic Pula, College of Applied Sciences, Riva 6, 52100 Pula, Croatia, E-mail:

Dr. Davor Stanić received his MSc in 1984, and his PhD in 2012 from the Faculty of Metallurgy in Sisak, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He is a specialist for R&D projects of advanced technologies for making aluminum components for the automotive industry, and the development and application of new materials, alloys and technologies for casting processes. He is a Lecturer at the Polytechnic Pula – College of applied sciences, Pula, Croatia.

Vedrana Špada, born 1982, completed five years studying Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb in 2006. She is now a PhD student at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering and Assistant Professor at University of Juraj Dobrila Pula, Croatia. She is Quality Manager and Head of the Chemical and Mechanical departments at the METRIS Material Research Centre in Pula, Croatia, and involved in R&D activities.

Dr. Dario Iljkić, born 1977, received his PhD in May 2011 at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Engineering, Croatia. Currently he is Head of the Department for Materials Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka in Rijeka, Croatia. His areas of research include thermal processing of metal alloys and material characterization.


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Published Online: 2019-04-30
Published in Print: 2019-05-02

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