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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter August 31, 2018

Research on the reactor physics and reactor safety of VVER reactors – AER Symposium 2017

S. Kliem
From the journal Kerntechnik


1 Lizorkin, M.; Gordienko, P.; Kalugin, M.; Kotsarev, A.; Oleksyuk, D.: Development of codes and KASKAD complex. Kerntechnik80 (2015) 31432010.3139/124.110503Search in Google Scholar

2 Krýsl, V.; Mikoláš, P.; Sprinzl, D.; Švarný, J.: Full-Core VVER-440 Pin Power Distribution Calculation Benchmark. Proceedings of the twenty-first Symposium of AER, Dresden, Germany, September 19–23, 2011Search in Google Scholar

3 Krýsl, V.; Mikoláš, P.; Sprinzl, D.; Švarný, J.: “Full-Core” VVER-1000 benchmark calculated by MOBY-DICK macrocode. AER Working Groups A&B, Plzeň, Czech Republic, 21–22 April, 2015Search in Google Scholar

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5 Kotsarev, A.; Lizorkin, M.; Bencik, M.; Hádek, J.; Kozmenkov, Y.; Kliem, S.: Qualification of coupled 3D neutron kinetic/thermal hydraulic code systems by the calculation of a VVER-440 benchmark – Re-connection of an isolated loop. Kerntechnik81 (2016) 40741710.3139/124.110702Search in Google Scholar

6 Kozmenkov, Y.; Kliem, S.; Rohde, U.: Validation and verification of the coupled neutron kinetic/thermalhydraulic system code DYN3D/ATHLET. Annals of Nuclear Energy84 (2015) 15316510.1016/j.anucene.2014.12.012Search in Google Scholar

Published Online: 2018-08-31
Published in Print: 2018-08-27

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