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Phase diagram of the Co–Cu–Ti system at 850°C

Honghui Xu, Yong Du, Baiyun Huang, Zhanpeng Jin, Shitong Li and Xiang Zhang


The phase equilibria of the Co–Cu–Ti system at 850°C are investigated using a high-efficiency diffusion couple and six key ternary alloys. The samples are examined by means of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and electron probe microanalysis. At 850°C, no ternary compound is found. The Ti3Cu phase is a metastable phase. The solubilities of Cu in Ti2Co, TiCo, TiCo2(c) and TiCo3 were determined to be 8.7, 35.8, 2.1, and 5.4 at.%, respectively. And the solubilities of Co in Ti2Cu, TiCu, Ti3Cu4, and TiCu2 were measured to be 6.6, 0.7, 2.4, and 10.2 at.%, respectively. The following 9 three-phase equilibria are observed: (Ti) + Ti2Co + Ti2Cu, Ti2Co + Ti2Cu + TiCo, Ti2Cu + TiCu + TiCo, TiCu + Ti3Cu4 + TiCo, Ti3Cu4 + TiCu2 + TiCo, TiCu2 + TiCo + (Cu), TiCo + TiCo2(c) + (Cu), TiCo2(h) + TiCo3 + (Cu), and TiCo3 + (Co) + (Cu).

1 Correspondence address: Professor Dr. Yong Du, State Key Laboratory of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan 410083, P. R. China, Tel.: +867318836213, Fax: +867318710855. E-mail:


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Received: 2005-04-28
Accepted: 2005-08-14
Published Online: 2013-03-01
Published in Print: 2006-02-01

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