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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter May 23, 2013

Mechanical properties of nanostructured polymer particles for anisotropic conductive adhesives

J. Y. He , Z. L. Zhang and H. Kristiansen


Metal-coated polymer particles are used as a critical component in anisotropic conductive adhesives. The mechanical properties of polymer particles are of crucial importance to both application and design. In this study, a nanoindentation-based flat punch test approach has been developed to determine the mechanical properties of two polymer particles. Particle A failed at an average deformation of 67.2 %, while no failure was observed for particle C when a maximum 10 mN normal load was applied. The contact stress – strain behavior and contact modulus were obtained from the flat punch test.

* Correspondence address, Professor Z. L. Zhang, Department of Structural Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 7491, Norway, Tel.: +47 7359 2530, Fax: +47 7359 4701, E-mail:


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Received: 2006-10-24
Accepted: 2006-11-23
Published Online: 2013-05-23
Published in Print: 2007-05-01

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