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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 11, 2013

EBSD investigation of the grain boundary distributions in ultrafine-grained Cu and Cu–Zr polycrystals prepared by equal-channel angular pressing

  • Milan Dopita , Miloš Janeček , David Rafaja , Jaromír Uhlíř , Zdeněk Matěj and Radomír Kužel


Ultrafine-grained copper and cooper–zirconium polycrystals prepared by equal-channel angular pressing following the route Bc to various strain (1, 2, 4 and 8 passes) were investigated using electron back-scatter diffraction. Equal-channel angular pressing resulted in significant grain-size reduction. The original course-grained structure evolved from prolate bands of cells/subgrains enclosed by lamellar nonequilibrium grain boundaries (after the first two passes) towards an equiaxed homogeneous microstructure with equilibrium grain boundaries (after 8 passes). Significant changes in the volume fraction and the character of grain boundaries were observed both in Cu and in Cu – Zr alloy. Pronounced evolution of twin-related boundaries (3n grain boundaries) with strain (number of ECAP passes) was found in Cu while only a weak increase of 3 and 9 grain boundaries was observed in Cu – Zr alloys.

* Correspondence address, Milan Dopita, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Materials Science, Gustav-Zeuner-Straße 5, D-09599 Freiberg, Germany, Tel.: +49 3731 39 2095, Fax: +49 3731 39 3657, E-mail:


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Received: 2008-8-28
Accepted: 2009-4-2
Published Online: 2013-06-11
Published in Print: 2009-06-01

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