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Fabrication and properties of porous silicon nitride ceramics via microwave sintering

Mengyong Sun, Xin Cheng, Qinggang Li and Shifeng Huang


Porous silicon nitride ceramics were fabricated without pore formers via microwave sintering. Microwave sintering at different temperatures produced unique microstructures with high porosity. The best porous silicon nitride ceramics were fabricated at 1550°C for 30 min; the resulting product had a bulk density of 1552 g cm−3, an open porosity of 43.9%, and a flexural strength of 43.6 MPa. The mean pore channel size and the dielectric constants of the fabricated porous silicon nitride ceramics ranged from 0.1 μm to 1 μm and 2.9 to 3.4 under different temperatures, respectively.

* Correspondence address, Dr. Cheng Xin, Professor, School of Material Science and Engineering, University of Jinan, 336, West Rd of Nan Xinzhuang, Jinan, Shandong, 250022, P.R. China, Tel.: +86-531-82767375, E-mail:


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Received: 2014-02-17
Accepted: 2014-08-01
Published Online: 2014-12-05
Published in Print: 2014-12-08

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