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Further application of the cleavage fracture stress model for estimating the T0 of highly embrittled ferritic steels

P. R. Sreenivasan


The semi-empirical cleavage fracture stress model (CFS), based on the microscopic cleavage fracture stress, σf, for estimating the ASTM E1921 reference temperature (T0) of ferritic steels from instrumented impact testing of unprecracked Charpy V-notch specimens is further confirmed by test results for additional steels, including steels highly embrittled by thermal aging or irradiation. In addition to the ferrite–pearlite, bainitic or tempered martensitic steels (which was examined earlier), acicular or polygonal ferrite, precipitation-strengthened or additional simulated heat affected zone steels are also evaluated. The upper limit for the applicability of the present CFS model seems to be T41J ∼160 to 170 °C or T0 or TQcfs (T0 estimate from the present CFS model) ∼100 to 120 °C. This is not a clear-cut boundary, but indicative of an area of caution where generation and evaluation of further data are required. However, the present work demonstrates the applicability of the present CFS model even to substantially embrittled steels. The earlier doubts expressed about TQcfs becoming unduly non-conservative for highly embrittled steels has not been fully substantiated and partly arises from the necessity of modifications in the T0 evaluation itself at high degrees of embrittlement suggested in the literature.

*Correspondence address, P. R. Sreenivasan, 24, Alpha Nagar, Kovaipudur, Coimbatore-641042, Tamilnadu, India. Tel.: +91 9944247005, E-mail: or


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