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Reduced graphene oxide–SnO nanocomposites with good visible-light photoactivity

Baoyan Liang, Danhui Han, Changhong Sun, Wangxi Zhang and Qi Qin


SnO/reduced graphene oxide photocatalysts were prepared using ultrasonic synthesis with SnCl2 · 2H2O, NH4HCO3, and GO powders. Photocatalytic properties of samples were estimated by the degradation of methyl orange (MO). An SnO/graphene oxide composite containing small amounts of SnO2 was obtained. Numerous nano SnO/SnO2 particles were loaded uniformly on the RGO thin flakes. The composites possessed excellent photocatalytic activity, which may degrade 99% of MO under visible light irradiation within 50 min.

*Correspondence address, Dr. Wangxi Zhang, Materials & Chemical Engineering school, Zhongyuan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, 450007, P. R. China, Tel.: +8637169975740, Fax: +8637169975740, E-mail:


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Received: 2017-12-28
Accepted: 2018-04-09
Published Online: 2018-08-30
Published in Print: 2018-09-14

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