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Synthesis of Ni/YSZ based anode and investigation of effect of PVA as pore-former upon porosity, microstructure and thermal behavior for potential use in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)

Mariah Batool, Maria Sattar, Ussama K. Barki and Zuhair S. Khan


This study focuses on development of Nickel–Yttira Stabilized Zirconia (Ni/YSZ) based anode material by solid-state synthesis using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) in varying weight concentrations (3 wt.% and 6 wt.%) both as a binder and as a pore-former. Scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction based structural and morphological analyses were performed and the synthesis of a homogeneous NiO/YSZ phase was confirmed after sintering at 1 000 °C. Microscopic study investigating effects of PVA concentration upon pore density in pellets pressed under the same conditions was conducted. Thermo-gravimetric/differential thermal analysis of the powders pre-dried at around 120 °C was carried out up to 1 000 °C to investigate the phase change and the thermal decomposition behavior. Findings on reduction of NiO/YSZ in a mixed atmosphere of H2/Ar at 550 °C are also discussed in detail. The results demonstrated that areal porosity of 12 % and 24 % was achieved with 3 wt.% and 6 wt.% of PVA, respectively.

*Correspondence address, Dr. Zuhair S. Khan, U.S. Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan, Tel.: +92-51-90855276, E-mail:
** Ms. Mariah Batool, U.S. Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Islamabad, 44000, Pakistan, Tel.: +92-333-4710896, E-mail: ,


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Received: 2017-11-29
Accepted: 2018-07-20
Published Online: 2018-11-29
Published in Print: 2018-12-10

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