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Effect of laser power on roughness and porosity in laser powder bed fusion of stainless steel 316L alloys measured by X-ray tomography

Paper presented at the Symposium “Tomographic and Radiographic Imaging with Synchrotron X-rays and Neutrons” of the MSE 2018, 26–28 September 2018, Darmstadt, Germany

Jean-Baptiste Forien, Philip J. DePond, Gabe M. Guss, Bradley H. Jared, Jonathan D. Madison and Manyalibo J. Matthews


The quality of metal objects fabricated via laser powder bed fusion are highly affected by process parameters, and their influence on final products is yet to be fully explored. In this work, pyrometry signals of the melt pool were collected from a set of stainless-steel samples during manufacturing and the effect of laser power on porosity and roughness of final printed parts was analyzed. Results show that the melt pool pyrometry signal of contours increases with higher laser power, whereas it is lower and decreases for the infilled part. Post-built X-ray computed tomography imaging reveals that porosity decreases while sample roughness increases upon increasing laser power. The decrease in porosity with increasing laser power is attributed to the larger size of the contour welds that were printed first, leading to an increase in dimension of the final products.

Correspondence address, Jean-Baptiste Forien, PhD, Physical and Life Sciences Directorate, Materials science division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 7000 East Ave, Livermore CA 94550, USA, Tel.: +1925-422-2989, E-mail:


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