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Effects of Ni and Al on the Cu-precipitation in ferritic Fe–Cu–M (M = Ni or Al) alloy

Haiyan Wang, Chengmeng Wang, Xueyun Gao and Huiping Ren


The effects of nickel and aluminum on the precipitation of copper-rich precipitates in FeCu ferritic alloy were investigated by combining experiments and first-principles calculations. With the addition of Ni and Al, the FeCuM (M = Ni or Al) alloy reaches the peak ageing condition earlier than the FeCu binary system during ageing at 500 °C. The transmission electron microscopy results indicate that the average sizes of the copper-rich particles in the FeCuNi and FeCuAl alloys are smaller than that in the FeCu alloy, while the density numbers of the former are larger than the latter. The interactions of the copper atom with nickel and aluminum atoms are all attractive in the first nearest neighbor shell. These attractions increase the local concentration of nickel and aluminum around copper and promote the clustering of solutes, consequently increasing the nucleation rate of Cu-rich precipitates.

Correspondence address, Professor Haiyan Wang, School of Materials and Metallurgy, Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology, 7# Areding Street, Kun District, Baotou 014010, P. R. China, E-mail:


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