Accessible Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter January 31, 2020

Preparation of salt microparticles via the anti-solvent recrystallization process

Wei Huang, Shuai Pan, Yanghua Liu, Qingmei Yu and Ruijiang Liu


The anti-solvent recrystallization process for the preparation of salt microparticles is introduced. The micron size of salt particles was confirmed by scanning electron microscopy. The preparation conditions such as the antisolvent types, dripping acceleration, stirring time, the volume ratio of antisolvent and solvent, and adding sequence of solvent were optimized. The experimental results indicated that these preparation conditions were as follows: The saturated salt solution was added into absolute alcohol at a dripping acceleration of 10 mL · min−1, a stirring time duration of 30 min, and an antisolvent and solvent volume ratio of 4 : 1. Salt microparticles with an average diameter of about 6.3 μm, uniform size distribution and better crystallization were obtained under the above optimization conditions.

Correspondence address, Prof. Ruijiang Liu, Jiangsu University, School of Pharmacy, Zhenjiang 212013, P.R. China. Fax: +86-511-85038201, E-mail:


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Received: 2019-04-15
Accepted: 2019-08-13
Published Online: 2020-01-31
Published in Print: 2020-02-12

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