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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter December 30, 2021

Surfactant assisted one-pot synthesis of copper nanoparticle arrays and their hydrogenation efficiency

  • Revathi Kottappara , Shajesh Palantavida and Baiju Kizhakkekilikoodayil Vijayan EMAIL logo


Copper nanoparticle arrays were synthesized by the aqueous phase chemical reduction of Cu2+ to Cu0 using glucose as an environmentally benign reducing agent. The UV absorption spectrum exhibited an absorption band at 554 nm revealing the presence of metallic copper nanoparticles. The catalytic properties of the synthesized copper nanoparticle arrays were investigated by reducing 4-nitrophenol (Nip) into 4-aminophenol (Amp) in the presence of NaBH4. In comparison to the commercial copper metal powder, copper nanoparticle arrays exhibited highly improved catalytic performance on the reduction of nitrophenol. The current synthesis approach of pure copper nanoparticle arrays does not require rigorous conditions or toxic agents, and hence it is a rapid, efficient, and green approach for the development of active metallic catalysts.

Dr. Baiju Kizhakkekilikoodayil Vijayan Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry Swami Anantha Theertha Campus Kannur University Payyannur, Edat P O, Pin-670327 Kerala India Tel.: 0497-2806402 Fax: 0497-2806402


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Received: 2020-04-10
Accepted: 2020-06-04
Published Online: 2021-12-30

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